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At the age of 12, Knocknamona brought his 55 race career under rules to an end at Perth on his latest start on April 27th. Knocknamona won 10 of those 55 races, which included eight over fences, and two over hurdles.

Knocknamona who retires fully sound, and can now look forward to a long and happy retirement, has been a wonderful servant to the yard. He was sometimes, and unfairly called inconsistent, but this was mainly due to him being very much ground dependant. It was a case of the softer the better, and if it was heavy he was like a pig in mud. He was a hold up horse, who benefited from coming off a fast pace, so when those up front had cried enough, he would come charging through with his customary late run, and now with hindsight, if he was running from a mark in the mid 80's, under the right conditions, he was unstoppable, as he proved when cantering home at Newcastle back in January.

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Knocknamona & Aiden Macdonald.

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