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Life can be very cruel at times. On Monday evening at Carlisle racecourse we lost Stormin Norman. He was named in honour of the late Norman Smith, the father of Gemma Hogg, and Becky Smith, and therefore held a special place in all of our hearts. Unfortunately while racing at Carlisle with Becky on board he appeared to take a false step, and unseated Becky, who thankfully came away unscathed, but Stormin Norman broke his leg, and when a horse breaks it's leg it is kinder to put them to sleep.

If Stormin Norman had have had no ability he would still have been loved for whom he was named after, but he was a very talented horse winning on six occasions, five times on the flat, and once over the jumps. Commiserations go out to the connections The Monday Club who pooled money together to purchase Stormin Norman, in Norman Smith's memory.

Stormin Norman gave us all some wonderful memories, and he will never be forgotten.

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