Finian O’Toole 

Finian has been a part of the team since 2015, after coming from to us from Malcolm Jefferson. Originally from Galway Ireland, Fin says “I always wanted to be a jockey as long as I can remember, with no background in racing, I found an early love for horses and loved hunting.

The problem was school wasn’t for me, so I moved to Charlie swans yard in Tipperary at the age of just 15 and that’s where it started !!! 

His favourite track is Hexham due to all the success he has had there as a jockey. The best and biggest day was his treble for the team, Roxyfet, Verko & Oscar O’scar. My favourite horse was hands down Verko. He was a Small horse big heart ! 

Finian relaxes these days by having a pint and chat with his friends. 

“My hidden talent is I’m an amazing lover”